Sunday, September 5, 2010

Project Peklat: Week 9

It's been nine weeks since I started this Peklat/Sebo de Macho experiment.  My Sebo de Macho has officially hit pan bottom.  So, for Php14 a can, this certainly proves that a little goes a long way.

I think there's really a tremendous improvement since I last blogged about my peklat.  It looks flat now, the lumpiness is noticeable only if you look closely and touch it, which is really good news.  From afar, or if you really have poor eyesight, it looks like a dark (ugly) bruise.  It's also way smaller now.

I'm no longer in denial.  I've accepted the fact that my scar will never completely heal.  My knee will forever bear this mark.  Since I don't have plans of joining a beauty pageant, I've come to terms with this, in a major, major way.  Plus, this is a perfect excuse to try out those airbrush leg make up that everyone's been raving about.


  1. Uy may sebo de macho pa pala until now. Effective pala talaga noh! Plus it's ineffective!

  2. Hi MrsM!

    Yeah, available pa Sebo de Macho. I got mine at Mercury.

    Thanks for dropping by. :-)