Monday, August 30, 2010

Dressing Down Button Downs

The longest job I ever had was with a very conservative company with a very strict dress code where casual Friday was unheard of.  My go-to outfit was usually a long sleeved button down shirt with slacks or a long sleeved button down shirt with a skirt, you get the picture.  So when I resigned, I had myself a closet full of button down shirts.

Now that I don't have to dress up as much, I'm trying to incorporate my business-y shirts with my more casual outfits.  Here are some of the looks I've come up with.

The Obvious Choice 

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Greenhills
Shoes: SM

I know, it's such an obvious choice but I like the casual vibe going on here.  This is my take on the boyfriend shirt look, the kind of boyfriend who's into flowery prints.

A Stripey Affair

Shirt: my closet
Red tank top: my closet
Denim skirt: People are People
Slip-ons: Mphosis

I like the stripe on stripe detail here.

White Wash

Shirt: Mango
Shorts: Greenhills
Belt: my closet
Sandals: People are People

An all white ensemble reminds me of a cool breeze in the heat of summer.  It looks so calm, collected and put together.

Any more ideas on how to dress down a button down?

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