Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project Peklat: Week 6

I talked to a doctor/brother about my keloid worries.  He impatiently told me and as I imagine trying to keep his voice from laughing, that unless you're a keloid former (the term he used), chances of a scar developing into a keloid is a medical curiosity.  The lumpy appearance of the scar is directly proportional to how deep the wound is.  But, the lumpy appearance may or may not disappear.  So yey to no keloid!  Boo to lumpy scar.

Anyhoo, there has quite been an improvement on over the last two weeks.  My peklat is definitely smaller.  Though the color is not yet even, it appears to be a monochromatic shade of flesh now.  The other edges are not as dark brown anymore.

It's not as lumpy anymore! 

Looks like there's hope for me yet.

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