Sunday, August 1, 2010

Palette Obsession

I chanced upon my latest palette obsession while indulging in my guilty pleasure of the moment a.k.a. You Tube make up tutorials.

The Best of Both Worlds Palette  by yaby Cosmetics, a Canadian cosmetics company developed by make up artist Liz Yu. This palette contains forty of the most popular eyeshadow colors of the company.

Ain't that pretty?

Check out the swatches from MakeUpByCrystals.

Available at for $120.  Yikes!  Expensivo for a cheapo like me.  But if you do the math $120 for 40 colors boils down to $3 dollars per color or Php150, not bad if you think about it, pwede na.  Not (yet) available here though, so I'll just continue drooling over this pretty baby.

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