Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Morning and Night Basics

My morning ritual after I step out from the shower is to wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.  I know, I should be doing this anytime during shower but I'm just more used to washing my face with a sink in front of a mirror.  Wala lang, trip ko lang.  I've been using Cetaphil since the 1990's and I'm really hiyang with this brand.  It also doubles as a moisturizer (I put this on my face, wait for it to dry then rinse everything off) when I feel that my skin is kind of dry and make-up remover of sorts. 

After washing my face I put on my contact lenses (when I'm going out) then moisturizer and tinted moisturizer.  Right now I'm using Nivea Refreshing Fluid with SPF 30 and Pond's Anti-aging Day Ceam (mine ran out when I took this photo) and Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moistrizer.  I moisturize my face first before putting on the tinted moisturizer.  Also, I like the combination of Pond's and Vitaglow better.  Here's why.

When I'm done with my face, I put lotion on my arms and legs, something which I don't really enjoy.  I'm lotion averse, you see, I don't like anything sticky on my skin especially during the more humid days.  But I have dry skin so tiis ganda na lang.  I use Bath and Body Works lotion or body cream, the usual pasalubong from friends and relatives from the States.

At night, I wash my face before going to bed.  On most days it's Cetaphil which I sometimes use as a make-up remover by applying it on my face then wiping everything off with tissue.  But please note that this doesn't work with heavy make-up and stubbornly waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Once or twice a week, I exfoliate using St. Ive's Apricot Scrub.  I still have the one with the old packaging because a friend who knows that I love this product gave me a couple of tubes a few years ago.  Like Cetaphil, I've been using St. Ive's since the 90's. Lasty, I put on moisturizer again.

So this is almost daily ritual unless I'm too sleepy to wash my face at night.  Yeah, I know that's bad but sometimes I'm just too lazy to care.

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  1. I use Dove and Celeteque alternately for my face (one in the shower; one near the sink) lol
    I love putting lotion on my body! It's my morning ritual after shower to seal in the moisture ; )