Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nivea Sun Refreshing Fluid Protect SPF 30

On the way to the grocery I saw selected Nivea products on sale.  Since I'm on the lookout for a new moisturizer, particularly something with a higher SPF I decided to check it out.

In a sea of sunblocks, the words daily, refreshing, fluid and SPF 30 caught my attention.  Priced at Php220, not bad I thought, but with a 50% discount...tempting.  Truth be told, I'm not really a fan of Nivea, I find their products (the ones I've tried) a bit sticky and not really hiyang with me.  I still needed a bit of convincing so I asked the sales assistant about the sale, he told me that Nivea has a new packaging and they had to get rid of the "old" products so they can order the ones with the new packaging.  Fine!  For Php110, sold!

According to Nivea:
  • SPF 30
  • Daily protection against sun induced skin damages
  • Non-sticky and fast absorbing
  • Highly effective UV protection
  • Dermatologically proven

Nivea Sun Refreshing Fluid has a thinner texture compared to my (Pond's Anti-Aging) moisturizer, almost runny in fact, I think this is the fluid part of the name.

It's also lighter and not greasy at all.

Easily absorbed in a few minutes.
While I didn't experience anything refreshing, it definitely moisturized my skin without making it appear shiny or oily. 

Downer though, I was kinda disappointed with the smell, it has this generic sunblock scent, the kind that reminds you of resort locker roomsNo biggie, I got over it after a couple of applications.

Me Likey:
  • Gentle for everyday use
  • Higher SPF than my other moisturizer
  • Very light and non-greasy on my skin
  • Very affordable

No Likey:
  • The generic sunblock smell
By the way, I saw the new packaging on display when I went to Watson's.

My Take:
I've been using Nivea Sun Refreshing Fluid Protect for more than a week now and so far, I have no complaints.  I like that it's light, non-greasy at all and has SPF 30 (higher than the moisturizer I'm using), you can never have too much SPF.  It's in now a part of my daily morning ritual.  Me Likey!

Repurchase?  After a week, I bought the last box of Nivea Sun Refreshing Fluid on sale.

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