Friday, July 23, 2010

Mango Outlet Store at SM Fairview

There's now a Mango Outlet Store at the second floor SM City Fairview.

I recognized some of the clothes from past seasons. Here are some of the prices: Php295 for basic tees and tank tops, Php500 for skirts,  jeans and trousers start at Php600,  shoes at Php 895, some dresses at Php950 and evening dresses start at Php1495.  I didn't see anything above Php2,000.

I tried out a couple of things hoping to score something.

 Gold leather obi belt at Php495.  Me likey.

I like the details of this skirt and it fits me well.  Not bad for Php700.
Check out the studs.  Yikes!  Too short!  I have to pass.

The sales attendant insisted I try this sparkly number.  I'm blinded by the sequins and it's too big for me.  A bargain at Php1495.

 I've been eyeing this dress since it came out a few seasons ago.  I sooo luvet!  So posh, so Serena Van der Woodsen but a liitle too big.  This is a steal at Php1550 plus I think I have the perfect shoes for this outfit. Oh woe is me.

This dress fits me well waist down but is a little long and loose along the neckline.  When the sales attendant told me that this dress only costs Php950, I told him to put this on hold.  I'm seriously considering having alterations done.

In the end, self-control (and budgetary constraints) won out, I left the store empty handed..  Oh well, there the Pucci inspired dress to think about.

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