Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Experience with Myra Vitaglow's 50% Off Promo

Let me reenact the scene at Watson's when I purchased Myra Vitaglow at 50% off using the coupon I got from Female Network.

Eksena - Kausap ang sales lady sa Watson's
Me: Miss saan to? (showing her the coupon from Female Network)
Sales Lady (SL): Eto?! Saan nyo nakuha to? (take note: nakataas ang kilay while reading my badly printed coupon)
Me: Sa female network.
SL: Sandali lang (left to talk to her supervisor).
SL: Ma'am, hindi daw kami kasali dito.
Me: Ganon?!
SL: Ganon po ma'am.
Me: E di ba may DTI number naman.  Ayan nakalagay promo period June 15 to August 15, July 23 pa lang ngayon.
SL: Sandali lang po.  (Leaves to call her supervisor)
Supervisor (S): Ma'am, di po kasali yung branch namin.
Me: Nakasulat kasi any Watson's branch.  Ayan o, any (pointing to the coupon).  Watson's to di ba?  So dapat kasali kayo?
S: Wala kasing sinabi sa amin.
Me: E kasi yun yung nakasulat dito.
S: (Seeing I would not budge) Sandali lang po.  Tatawagan namin.
After making me wait for more than 10 minutes, the supervisor came back.
S: Ma'am kasali pala kami.  Di kasi kami na-inform.

They made me wait for another 10 minutes so they can set up some sort of a system for this promo.

After wasting 20 minutes of my time I finally purchased my tinted moisturizer which I noticed is cheaper by five pesos at Ever Supermarket.


By the way, if you're willing to go through the hassle, here's the link to the 50% off coupon

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