Friday, July 9, 2010

Splash of Colors

I have to admit, colors intimidate me.  Very rarely will I be seen in something colorful, more likely than not I'll be in black and white or something neutral.  On certain days when I want a splash of color I'll put on a solid colored top, red in most cases and that's it.

But when it comes to nail polish it's quite the opposite.  I "heart" colorful nails!  I don't have a problem trying on different colors and sometimes when I have the time, I do nail art.

I've gone through a lot of nail polishes and my brand of  choice has always been the ever reliable Caronia only because they have my favorite color, Caress comes as close second.  Sometimes I get attracted to the colorful  hues of OPI and Essie, but honestly being the cheapskate that I am, paying 300 pesos for a bottle is just too much.

Until recently, I stopped putting polish on my nails because regardless of the brand (drugstore brand that is) the polish chips just after three days.  Who really has the time to do their nails every three days, right?

On the toes however,  the longest I've gone without a pedicure is three weeks.  If it's Caronia or Caress, the colors will be as good as new, it just looks icky and uncared for along the cuticle area.  For Careline (those bottles that sell for 10 pesos a pop) it's two weeks at most. I also tried those 10 peso per bottle tiangge finds, my toe polish started to chip after just four days.

As of last count, I have 30 bottles of nail polish.

Reds (My favorite shade is Caronia's Simply Red on the far left, hence the bigger bottle)





Neutrals (used a base for French tip which I haven't mastered yet)

Neons (for summer)

Plums (or is it Wine?)


Other colors

Since I do my own nails I also have these in my arsenal.

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