Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Ongoing Project

A few weeks ago, I was dragged by my dog.  One thing let to another and I ended up with what I thought was a broken finger and a big wound on my knee.


A week after, as expected, the wound is now a huge ugly scar.


I've been putting Sebo de Macho on my scar at least twice a day in the hope that the scar will stop looking like some sort of map.  Let me just say, though I'm loving the creamy texture and the light buttery scent,  it's been seven days and so far there are no visible changes yet.  My brother who is a doctor told me not expect too much because as far as he knows, a product to remove scars effectively does not exist.  His warning falls on deaf ears.  I'm still hoping against hope that the generations of Filipinos who attest to the powers of Sebo de Macho are right.

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